La Palma, the Canaries, Christmas 2009

Wrynose Pass, The Lake District, with Barney, Chris Williams and co, 12 December 2009

Early winter grey damp Lords Seat, dodging low cloud initially and then lumpy out-of-phase wave later, joy. 8 November 2009.

Norma and the Amalfi coast, Italy. Late October 2009.

Stanage and the fearless mouse. Sunday 18 October 2009.

Flying along a convergence line from Lords Seat with Duncan, Tink, Leyland and Andy on the hangie. Saturday 17 October 2009.

A blustery and lumpy day on Wether Fell with Foggy. Saturday 10 October 2009.

Windy on the Long Mynd with the Condors. Sunday 4 October 2009.

Grey Long Mynd. Sunday 27 September 2009.

Blue Long Mynd. Saturday 26 September 2009.

Bradwell to Creswell. Post-cold-frontal good climbs but very blue. Sunday 20 September 2009.

Stanage and later Bradwell. Happy flying with the Condors. Saturday 19 September 2009.

Bradwell (after Mam NW), Saturday 12 September 2009.

Mam Tor, Friday 11 September 2009.

Mam Tor, Wednesday and Thursday 9-10 September 2009.

Eyam Edge to Kiveton. Made the stupid mistake to try to go south of RHADS airspace, but it was nice whilst it lasted. Saturday 22 August 2009.

Nice evening soaring on Bradwell with Dunc, Chris and Ash. Thursday 13 August 2009.

An unexpectedly epic day from Eyam to Melbourne, 10 miles east of York. Gaggle flying a fair bit, had a big scarey collapse somewhere near Sheffield, and flew along a stonking cloud street partly in big ears to keep out of airspace. Fantastic scenery. Stayed clear of some dark clouds but probably shouldn't have worried. Met a nice helium balloon marking some good lift at one point. Sunday 9 August 2009.

A slightly disappointing day stuck on Eyam in WSW but nice late afternoon thermic soaring on Curbar. Saturday 8 August 2009.

I took Friday off work but after a previous night of excess managed to miss nearly all of it running between bed and the bathroom (how come you get blue vomit?!). Finally dragged myself over to Bradwell and a flop over the back to Hathersage, followed by some beautiful evening soaring with Big Neil and Mark as the sun set over the Peaks. Friday 7 August 2009.

Long Mynd, overcast but pleasant enough. Had a flop over the back to a very wet field south of Church Stretton. Sunday 2 August 2009.

Bradwell to near Mansfield, scrabbling low most of the time, Saturday 25 July 2009.

Another flop over the back, this time to Stanage with Hamish. Sunday 5 Jul 2009.

Eyam Edge to Stannington. An all too short XC, but pleasant air and a quick climb out from Eyam, bimbling over Hathersage watching Roy disappear into cloud. Saturday 4 July 2009.

Rushup, super-scratchy light winds after the passage of a monster cu-nim over to the West. Loads of happy swifts darting around in the weak lift. Nice summer evening flying :-). Wednesday 1 July 2009

Mam Tor, Monday 29 June 2009

Mam Tor, Sunday 28 June 2009

Mam Tor, Saturday 27 June 2009

Bradwell, after work, Monday 22 June 2009

Stanage after work, parked facing south into wind, which was well off the hill (thinking, hmm... why is no-one else here), Tuesday 16 June 2009

Bradwell to Wellingore (Lincolnshire). A nice XC with Dave Martin and Andy Pickled-Onions. Sunday 14 June 2009. 160km in two days!

Eyam Edge to Drax. A snotty horrible climb out and rough as hell over the back of Stanage but nice later over the flatlands (73km), Saturday 13 June 2009.

After trailing round Mam and Stanage, it finally gets decent enough for a little sideways skitter from Rushup to Losehill, Friday 12 June 2009

Mam Tor and Treak after work again, Wednesday 3 June 2009. In fact it was flyable again there on Thursday 4 June too!

Windy on the north-west face of Mam Tor after work, Tuesday 2 June 2009.

Mam Tor and Treak after work, Monday 1 June 2009

Malverns, half-term week, 30 May 2009

Long Mynd, half-term week, 28 May 2009

Parlick, Bank Holiday Monday 25 May 2009

Stanage, Sunday 24 May 2009

Eyam, Saturday 23 May 2009

Mini-XC from Mam Tor to Buxton on a grey Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bradwell, 2 May 2009, follow that street ... doh!

Whitbarrow, Cumbria, 19 April 2009, very picturesque, but unfortunately the wrong bloody hill...

Nice day boating about from Mam, and Duncan with cake, Monday 13 April 2009

Unpleasantly rough but buoyant day on Blease, Sunday 12 April 2009

Hop over the back from Parlick to Newton, Saturday 11 April 2009

Leyland playing with an old Edel Space in Windy Knoll, Good Friday, 10 April 2009

XC from Eyam to Hoyland, Sunday 5 April 2009

Evening soaring on Stanage, Thursday 2 April 2009

Evening soaring on Mam, Thursday 2 April 2009

Evening soaring on Mam, Wednesday 1 April 2009

Nice XC flight from Stanage to Hensall, Sunday 29 March 2009

Rushup, Friday 20 March 2009

Mam Tor, Thursday 19 March 2009

Bradwell, the first evening flying after work in 2009, Monday 16 March 2009

Long Mynd, first mini-XC of the year, 15 March 2009

Eyam Edge, 1 March 2009

Alpes-Maritimes, February 2009, with thanks to Ruth and Ulric Jessop

Stanage, Sunday 8 February 2009

Lords Seat and Edale, Friday 6 February 2009

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